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My new teeth completely transformed my life



Kim’s journey towards a healthier, more confident smile

Kim lost most of her upper teeth due to gum disease and severe tooth decay in her mid 30’s. She was given a partial denture to replace these teeth initially, but found that this was uncomfortable and difficult to eat with.

After loosing my teeth I lost my self–confidence. I was embarrassed and really struggled with my partial removable denture. I hated it!

Kim Before Treatment

Kim had lost all of her upper front teeth and 2 molar teeth resulting in poor appearance and difficulty with eating. Kim found through the Dental Implant Network  she was able to correct her smile and improve her dental health with Dental Implants.

Kim After Treatment

New Found Confidence

Kim is convinced that her dental implant treatment has changed her life for the better. She no longer covers her mouth when she talks and is not afraid to smile anymore.

Kim is able to speak with confidence helping her both at work as well as socially.

My dental implants were like having my own teeth again…I was free from having to wear my denture. I was no longer worried about being embarrassed about my teeth. I am so proud of my new smile, it’s one of the best decisions I made in my life.