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Immediate function

Are there foods that you just can’t eat? Are your missing teeth or loose dentures stopping you from enjoying a nice meal out with friends? Maybe it's a nice steak, an apple, corn on the cob… you can make the impossible, possible today. Dental Implants are as close as you can get to having your own teeth back and allows you to enjoy the foods that you want anytime, anyplace. Don’t let the lack of teeth ruin your meal, or put up with painful dentures trapping food and causing sore spots. Because dental implants can provide fixed teeth in your mouth once more, they can look and feel similar to your own teeth and enrich your diet with good nutrition. With immediate dental implant, you can have this life changing treatment without delay.*

*Immediate loading is subject to specific clinical criteria such as bone quality and quantity, the condition of your bite, the number of teeth being replaced and other variables that are evaluated during you initial assessment.